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A day at the Alpenzoo is a day of adventure and discovery for young and old. Watch the tiny harvest mouse climbing or the colourful alpine fish in the aquarium. Enjoy first hand the playful antics of our diving and swimming expert, the otter. You can listen to the "chrup" calls of the Northern Bald Ibis, the sweet song of the nightingale and every time the church bells of Innsbruck ring our wolves start to howl.

Visit our animals at the show farm and enjoy them at close range. If you want to you can compare your arm span with the wing span of the Bearded Vulture or climb the climbing wall to „Geierwally´s Eagle Nest“. „Bear Playground“ will give your children a chance to wear themselves out, after all it takes a lot of courage to explore the Bear Cave and the wolf´s den.

We offer a special children´s birthday tour upon enquiry.