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If you consider the diversity of alpine bird-life – the wide variety of colours and species – you will realize how important it is to promote the cause of protecting the beauty and environment of the Alps. At least 200 different bird species breed and roost in the broad, warm valleys, the gently rolling hills, deep gorges, mountain forests, alpine meadows and high alpine rock regions. At least 200 more rest in the region when on migration.

It is not easy to keep and breed European bird species because alpine birds need to experience the natural seasons which means that diet, pair combinations and aviary requirements have to be adapted accordingly.

The Alpenzoo exhibits grouses and almost all birds of prey as well as passerines such as the Dipper or Goldcrest. The latter is very difficult to keep and is therefore rarely to be found in other zoos.

Some of the bird species kept in the Alpenzoo:

mauerlaeufer roessner


Bearded Vulture

Black Grouse


Eagle Owl






Golden Eagle


Hazel Grouse

Northern Bald Ibis





Pygmy Owl


Rock Patridge

Scops Owl

Tengmalm´s Owl

Ural Owl