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In 1984 the educational department was founded in the ALPENZOO. Our school teachers belong to the ALPENZOO staff and are biologist. The zoo education service offers experimental teaching with live animals for all age groups from preschool to adults. A wide range of instruction material has been created for use during a visit to the zoo. Furthermore our educational department trains our staff, create exhibitions and manage the library of our zoo. Being involved in the daily working process of the zoo our school teachers can use this information for vivid and up to date lessons.

The educational department is available for all schools, kinder gardens, teaching training colleges and adult education. Our services are training sheets, special training courses in everything concerning alpine animal species and seminaries.

Our school teachers are Eva Oberauer (Monday-Wednesday) and  Silvia Hirsch (Wednesday-Friday). If you cannot reach anybody in the office, please leave a message on the mailbox. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Please note that in some seasons there is a strong demand for the educational department services. Therefore early appointments especially for longer programs are recommended.

Monday - Thursday: 8 - 12 am, 1 - 5 pm, Friday: 8 -12 am

tel: +43/ 512/ 29 23 23-16 oder 29 23 23-17, fax: +43/ 512/ 29 30 89
or contact per email:

We do offer guided tours for classes (pre-booking is necessary). If you want to make a self-guided tour we offer a bird quiz to download.