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Hofer mauerlaeufer

Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria)

Hofer steinbock

Alpine ibex (Capra ibex)

Hofer AZ 19 006

Grass snake (Natrix natrix)

No dogs allowed!

Please note that dogs are not permitted to enter the zoo area. Many wild animals regard dogs as predators and will try to escape when they see one. This can cause severe injuries to our animals which is why we have to exclude dogs from the zoo area. We hope you understand!

Open daily!

9 am - 6 pm (April-October)
9 am - 5 pm (November-March)


A visit to the Alpenzoo is special at any time of year – even in winter. Almost all animals are active in winter with the exception of Marmots, reptiles and amphibians who spend the season in hibernation.
In spring (March – May) most of the birds begin their courtship display and start to build nests. Most of the young animals are born in late spring (May – June).